Abstract Art - Definition, History & Understanding

What is Abstract Art

If you've ever visited art museum or galleries, you definitely have seen the art piece which seems completely mess of colours for you. But it must have poured a curiosity into you as you can’t correlate the art with anything real. That’s what we say “ Abstract”. If you go for its meaning, it itself is “meaningless” and “understandable”. The title itself depicts that it’s completely an illusion, so how could we find the theme of individual abstract. This too also varies from different eyeballs.

Let’s go to the actual definition of abstract, it generally regarded as work of art which doesn't feature any real objects in the visual form however it contemplates the invisible objects in an extremely distorted way. It is also known as non objectives art, which any representational art can’t contemplates, that become the subject of abstract. Illusion of realism features human feeling, wave and tide of soul and any nuances of intellect in a form of shape and color which becomes very hard to extract the actual theme. The intent of abstract is to produce the work without any bias or control by our intellect. Illusion of realism itself is the form of freedom because what you see and feel after looking the work mightn't necessarily same for other.

This is an example of abstract art. The subject of this art is unrecognizable

The History Of Abstract

Till mid 19th , all art and painting were supposed to be visually representational, because the subject of work used to be the real objects and real message and the trace of it can be clearly admired all over the artwork, gradually to represent the theme of reality into illusion becomes artist passion and abstract put its first step in the world of art. There exists so many movements which contributes to the current form of modern art, however individual instinct and individual contribution also can’t be overlooked because all the form of abstract mightn't necessarily be the outcome of movements. The main theme behind every movements was to overcome representation thus to become more expressionist. Wassily Kandinsky is supposed to be the first person to define Abstract both practically and theoretically. In the mid 20th during the second world war, expressionism emerged and started getting popularity, the movement yielded the complete distraction of real object. In other word, the art becomes completely disassociated from representation. After that many form of abstract emerged, Geometric is one of them.

Understanding Abstract

Now you’re on the go with this basic information of abstraction. You now understand the true intent behind abstract, Still I don’t bother to repeat it for you because that’s what all I want to talk about, any artist who product the abstract, their intent on the work is to contemplate their souls, manifest non visible instinct and to give the spiritual dimension to take the artwork into an unconventional height. When you see the abstract and ask yourself “ What this is all about”, that question itself becomes your first instinct to understand the abstract. While producing abstract artist has his/her own intent the admirer might product another intent for the same painting. That’s the very wonderful features of abstract. Now abstract are categorized with color schema generally known as tone and each tone provokes different meaning,that’s why it’s always unique. The another great thing about abstract is that it can mean something to you that no one else see. Isn't that so cool? because one work can contemplate hundred meanings, it’s all about manifesting feeling and you know how hard it's to depicts another’s feeling that’s why people often measure abstract with their own feeling. It looks like you’re solving a mystery that exist on your inner depth and you need to ferret the correct answer to get out from the illusion. I've read here the quote regarding abstract “ If a piece just doesn't speak to you. That’s ok. It’s probably not for you.” Actually the writer has made a great quote. Because this is what the nature of abstract, sometimes you can really discover your own soul on it and sometimes you simply end up seeing the mess. Even if you don’t understand it, don’t worry it still be the masterpiece as it is in reality.

Learn More About Understanding Abstract Art On This Video

In this video author has described one abstract art in terms of its colours, shapes and form on the painting .

Explore more about abstract

Here I can’t be without reciting some of great resources that will help you to discover more about abstract. As a art lover I’d gone through many journals, interview and online resources to explore more about it. Abstract has many categories, although the meanings, the shape and tones of abstract sound different, for those who don't try to understand its texture the meaning of abstract has been always same "the mess of colours". You might want to learn more about understanding abstract, popular movements and some inspiration to dive into the world of illusion of realism. I would recommend you to learn about view of Wassily on abstract in the art story .

Resources for Abstract Ideas and Inspiration

I’m sure the more you dive into this so called “meaningless” world of art, you’ll discover more excitement on learning. At The Artisan network ,You can explore real ideas and inspiration on abstract art from ground level, you can learn about common technique and examines other works. You can get real advice by expert artist and their experience. I'd suggest Harley Hahn to explore more on understanding abstract art.

As the abstract doesn't implies any definite techniques and rules, it’s completely unnecessary to follow certain patterns because it duly affect your creativity and ruin the true pleasure of your work.

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Image Source: 1- Abstract Example