How To Choose The Art That Matches Particular Personality?

Our preference differs, our perception on a particular things differ, our attitude differs and thus the preference of artworks. People have different choice and multiple people might love multiple style of artwork. For somebody abstract is always awesome and for some it is worse. They do have different reasons that proves their like or dislike. And of course we’ve right to like or dislike something. So it’s important to discover what’s your preference, what style should suits your personalities and how you choose the particular art from the collection? In this post we’re going to correlate particular personality with the artwork, so that it becomes easier for you to choose the artwork.

girl admiring the artowork

# For Curios and Enthusiastic Person

If you’re a person who is curious about everything, always wants to learn new thing, self motivated loves unusual idea and have lots of enthusiasm then abstract art should be your choice. In abstract there are more to explore, learn, extratch, understand and learn, for a curios person, there are no better option than abstract because the way abstract art represent the message is not understandable by all, abstract itself is best for continuous explorer.

# Person Who Loves To Be Clear & Organized

For the person who wants to be clear on all matters and organized in every aspect of life and has straight principle can be better suited to realism category of art which combines the clear picture of real world objects and depicts the clear message within the form of colours, shapes and objects. Sometime even photographic art should be the choice.

# Energetic Person

A person with full of energy and enthusiasm might love the bold kind of art which is full of bold colours, real objects and clear view of the subject. Often expressionism arts falls into the choice of with energetic personality. Brighter white and red colors are supposed to create energetic, passionate and aggressive environment and these colours often boost the level of energy whoever admire such artworks, painting or photograph.

# For Thoughtful Person

If a person is thoughtful, creative and full of inspiration and is barely able to control the flow of thought then impressionism is the better choice. Those with creative inspiration, impressionist art can represent the dream in the visual form, and encourage continuously. The thing which is indescribable in the real world becomes the subject of impressionism and that’s why it should be the choice of thoughtful and innovative person.

Even if you don’t find your preference there, don’t worry you’re not obliged to buy the art according with your personality, this is just a small try to let you know which art style might better suits your personality. And over time both our personalities and preferences change thus changing the taste of art . There is no rule for buying an art, you can even oppose the rule if there is some. Just give a try, I’ve found a site which let you choose artwork from different sets and finally tells you which art style better match you based upon your art selection. Go in this page about personality testing and give your 5 minutes to know about the preference.

Image Courtsey: HBcollegian