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Block Mounting

Protect your art prints and preserve on your wall for centuries!

Looking for a cost effective way to display and protect the art prints? Have the prints block mounted. With art mounting the print is sealed on high quality 20mm foam board with plastic edging. Gloss or matt laminate is also available to protect the art for years to come. It is the affordable alternative to the framed art prints and maintains the sturdy, smooth and chic looks.

block mounting- mount your art

Block mounts provide a stylish way to display your art work

  • Lightweight and frame less
  • 20 mm foam board with plastic edging
  • Matte or gloss laminate available
  • No glass, no breakage

Mounting The Art Is Simple & Easy

Choose from more than 7000 available art posters, just select the block mount on “Select The Product Page”, choose the size or enter custom size, choose either matt or gloss finished along with two alternatives of edge either white or black and get instant preview of the final look in real time. You can have every artwork mounted, available on our print on demand range. With all these range of artworks and the services to reproduce and transform the prints, we bet you'll surely be pleased.You can experiment with our tool until you become sure something is beyond just perfect for you.

To make it easy, you can also read and watch the how to order guide on our blog.

You Can Also Watch This Video To Know More About How To Mount Art From POD Range

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