How To Order Stretched Canvas From POD Range

If you’re wondering to make the prints awesome then stretched canvas must be your choice. In this article we’ll take you through the step of canvas-stretching the art poster from our print-on-demand range.

You Can Watch This Video To Know More About How To Get Any Artworks Canvas Stretched From Our POD Range

Video Transcription

There are three easy steps when ordering stretched canvas from our POD range. First select the size of finished print from the drop-down menu on the right.

You can also choose a more specific size by selecting custom size, and typing the exact width and height you would like in the centimeter.

Next you can select whether to have a black or white edge around the frame. Another option is to pick a color from the artwork itself and one that along the edge.

Now pick how wide you want the timber frame, either 20mm or 40mm. Now you can review your order, and also add any special instruction in the text box below. With that done, you can now proceed to checkout.

If you still need assistant you can either send us mail or call us directly.