How To Overcome Creative Obstacle,Tips For Creative Enthusiast

““Being Infatuated with creating something awesome is also awesome, only if you can be consistent with that !!!””

It’s common for us to get stucked on some point of our creative road. Tirelessly working on days and trying to pour the creativeness in the night is often hard, most of the artists we see in the creative field are very consistent with their work and routine however in some point they also get stucked. There are many obstacles we face on the journey, it’s same as those particles problems which we faced on our life. We can’t manage the time, sometimes we have more stress and exhaustion, sometimes we feels happy, sometimes energetic, sometimes passionate and sometimes apathy. It’s the human nature however the concern here is, how to flow on the creative ocean even though we’re facing such wave and tide. So let’s discuss some common obstacles which we face most often and ways to overcome them:

How to overcome creative obstacles

Lack Of Clear Vision & Objectives

Everything starts with clear goal, if your goal itself is ambiguous then you’re never gonna achieve that. It’s the common obstacle of most of us, we infatuated with creating something awesome, craft a flow chart in mind, pour energy as if we’re going to finish it today and end up between next week to next month being distracted. To seek consistency, first we must have a crystal like vision, that vision serve as an eyeballs which shows your goal accomplished on far horizon and motivate towards the road to accomplishment.


Give your idea a display: We’re talking about creativeness here, so you’re super creative, you’ve mind blowing idea into your head, you’ve the vision set in your mind and now you’re going to start creating it right now. That’s good but you eventually lose the sight of vision if you’ve not given that goal a visual display. Can we imagine how many thoughts occur in our mind in every single hour, everything rounds up in our mind and we can’t prioritize it properly. Although the real vision exists on the bytes or megabytes of your mind at least give it a real display through the ink and when your mind is captured by something else, you can navigate it by seeing at the goal you crafted.

Regular Interruption

As I’ve already mentioned, countless thoughts can hover you in a matter of second, sometimes your responsibilities interrupts you, sometimes the negative thoughts that come up every once in a while. You must do something to sustain your life, so you do job basically forty hours a week, you merely have energy to start something new when you get home from the regular duty. Even if you want to start something creative, you get stucked. For example you want to create a painting, you initiated your plan last week, you’ve already finished some part of it but for your surprise now you’re being less consistent with it because of interruption. Occasional interruption is good but regular interruption is really worse. You seems exhausted with your daily routine and such exhaustion neither give you a good sleep nor motivates you to walk your creative process.


Take A Break

Working tirelessly always doesn’t mean that you’re doing things in right way. Of course hard work is the key to success, many wises have already said this and I also don’t bother to repeat it, But doing something without break sometimes makes you exhausted and let your mind distracted when even a small obstacle comes on the process. When you stuck or whenever you don’t want to do it, simply don’t even think of it. Take a short interruption.

Unknown Fear

For fear I’ve no definition, but I’ve a solution you can hit Google and you will certainly get plenty of definitions. A Good joke isn’t it? Fear is something which we feel, I don’t know where but we feel that’s it. When we’re planning something, the unknown fear simultaneously flow, and question arose what if I will not achieve this, I don’t have this, this and this how I’ll achieve this, I’ll create it and what if people hate it. These all are your unknow fears. Fear is also similar as other emotions, like happiness the problem with it is that when we stick with it, it drown us and landed somewhere which is unpredictable. This fear transform you into a lame when you’ve not even started walking..

Fear can be broadly discussed with following points:

Fear Of Criticism

Most people have the fear of unknown criticism, they imagine people scolding , criticising his/her creative work especially when artist has a out of box idea. When something new hovers on this world it takes times for people to adopt it. Take it in that way rather than drowning yourself thinking only about the criticism.

Fear Of Failure

You’ve not even started walking and you feared thinking there may be a big forest in the way and big river to cross with no boat. How possibly I would cross that? Don’t mind even if this implies with you, but this is what I called a real “nonsense” . First let your foot moves and who knows it may be a breeze. When someone fills his/her mind with all the fear the energy of fear land him/her where they’ve always feared of. Honestly rather than letting fear to take over your mind’s space simply delete them. Take a courage to face them even if you encounter such hurdles and implement the economic rule of high risk high return. In the field of art creating an artwork isn’t the end itself you need to fight with many things to feature your work to the world and I’m not saying it’s easy , but don’t let this fear of failure to stop you..

Fear Of Change

We live our life almost same everyday and fear of doing something new because of the fear of losing the regular comfort. In the word of Brian Tracy it is called “homeostasis”.

“This is a deep subconscious desire to remain consistent with what you have done or said in the past. This homeostatic impulse holds people back from becoming all they are capable of becoming and from achieving.”

This type of fear holds people back to their own comfort zone and stuck people from doing something new. It is the major obstacle for people to harvest their creativeness.

So what’s the solution it’s simple overcome them, you might scold me but that’s the reality transform that fear into energy .Instead think what you’ll do if your works were to hugely admired and appreciated. Be infatuated with positive feeling not with the negative ones..

Daily Exercise & Consistency

To take something to new level you should be consistent with that, and this seems not easy, you need to exercise it daily in order to establish a routine. Lack of regular exercise is also an obstacle to the process of creating the art or crafting something. Repeating the same routine daily can build a habit and helps us to be consistent with it.

As I’ve quoted on the starting of this post, you’ll achieve your goal only if you be consistent with it..

This post written by Cheryl Reif is great to start over and learn from the other experience, you can dive into this and discover more about how to overcome this type of obstacles.

These are my point of view what’s yours, Have something to add please let me know by simply putting in the comment below. I would really love your comment and appreciate your feedback.