Tips For Artist To Get More Admiration Among Fellows

As an artist who doesn’t want to be recognized, It’s the dream of every artist to build an unique presence among fellow artists. Hundreds of communities, groups, artist pages and thousands of updates on social media are all the beacons of desire of getting admired. And we all know it’s not that easy,It’s the real fantasy that you post something and you become popular. Behind the success of every artist there is the hard work, sleepless struggle, originality and passion. Although I’m bothering to include this extra line, but I must “ It’s a very creative field” and who knows when the creativeness pour within your soul. Creating an artwork itself is a major difficult task, you spend sleepless night and restless days to create something and you don’t get handful of admiration and you get exhausted. It’s the real case, to overcome such distractions you must assume creating the artwork as a starting point and not the end itself. First you create your art, put significant time and money to promote it, make your artwork available on multiple places, it may be both online as well as offline. So,to let you know about the efficient way of getting more people to see and recognize you, I’ve collected some tips.

Tips for artist to become admirable among fellows

Disclaimer: This post is intended for art students and enthusiast who want to dive their leg on the world of art. You can suggest more ideas to add in this list if you have any.

Social Media

Are free from Social media? The recent infographic of September 2014 on adweek shows that there are 1.28 billion active facebook users, 1 billion Youtube, 540 million Google+, 255 million Twitter, 187 Instragram, 40 million Pinterest active users. This infographic also shows that more than 80 % internet users read blog post. Now you know the significance of social media. But don’t overhaul instantly, all the billions can’t be yours followers and I know you also don’t want to overwhelm. Instead, first work out for few hundreds, then thousand and you’ll start getting plenty of feedback from people and steadily you start getting admirer plus more followers day by day. It’s my caution that don’t use any black hat techniques to acquire the followers because those who’re not interested in the art are almost worthless for your social presence. Here are the few tips to get started with Building a strong social presence:

Create A Web Of Social Presence

Create Your Account On Every Social Media. Share your artwork everywhere, you can also use automated tool to automatically post something which has been posted on your particular social profile.

Stay Connected With Communities

Follow The Art related communities, most generic example are like art community in reddit and google plus. Such community let you to post your artwork on their post field, through which you’ll get plenty of feedback and if you’re lucky it even leads to some conversion. In this post as we’re talking about getting more admirer, you’ll get significant number of admirer from these communities if you’re already creating good artworks.

Unite Your Web Presence in each profile

Assume, you publish something on reddit, one person got fascinated with your work and want to know more about you and click on your profile. But you don’t have sufficient information to navigate him/her, somewhere else, that might be your own website where you feature and sale your artwork or facebook or twitter page. In such case my humble advice is to unite all of your contact information on bio field of every single social media. I’m sure those who follow you on facebook are your prospective twitter followers. This way you’ll give the admirer, opportunity to discover you in multiple platforms.

Stay Fresh, Unique & Updated

The most important thing you should do is to keep you fresh on social media. Connect with your fans with frequent update. However don’t overdo it by updating the same content frequently. Because this may distract your followers.

Arrange Everything In Your Personal Blog/ Website

God knows what happens to those billion dollars social media, and you don’t want to lose your web presence even though such media becomes outdate. So my humble advice is to publish everything on your blog/website before going anywhere, then post them on every available social media. Your goal here must be push them to your website so that they becomes your permanent followers. This way you’ll make your blog/ website a headquarter and all other channel a sub branch.

Hardwork & Consistency

As an artist you spend tireless hour to create something and endless stimulus of your mind to pour imagination and inspiration. Finally you create something very unique and original and you need to feature them in front of the world. This is what the process of “hardwork” is. No matter, what difficulties you encountered, regardless of what other assume you about, you work tirelessly to ferret the pleasure in art. You also need to work restlessly to promote your artworks to discover more admirer. Hard work is not an one time investment, you need to be consistent with it. You create your art, now perhaps you should create a blog post that might describe your art, you can share something you experienced while creating it. You went to your friends to feature and share your artwork on their community. You feature them on other website and collectively you got some admirer. It’s a long term process, you need to be consistent with the update. Hard work and consistency are like two petals of a coin.

Be Original

You know all the artist who’re very popular on their era, and you also know popular artist of these days, you admire their artwork. It now becomes your dream to be like them, while following such fantasy, you end up exploring yourself. I’m not saying you shouldn’t see other’s artworks, but the negative side of this is that you stick on their pattern and stop creating something original which can be with you. You can follow every pattern and style and create the painting but my humble advice would be to create something new pattern that truly belongs to you, so that people would know you from that specification. Create such style and promote them everywhere, let people know you by your "uniqueness". This will create your unique space even in the pushing and rupture.

These are all to share from myself, if you’ve something to add on this list please don’t hesitate to include it on comment.