7 Blog Posts That Every Art Enthusiast Should Read

As an art enthusiast, I explore multiple articles, posts, and online resources in a single day. Most of them are really inspiring, especially when artists share about their particular situation—this always catches my attention. How artists overcome creative block (among others), what inspires them to work tirelessly, and how they feel after getting to their desired point make me so excited to explore and discover more. When it comes to art, we can't be restricted just to pragmatic factors; rather, we should explore everything that can be explored because in the world of art, everything is practical.

seven blog post that should be read by every art enthusiast

In this post, I share seven articles that I have stumbled upon because I just can’t resist sharing these resources. So here they are:

The Myth Of Creative Inspiration

In this article, James Clear exposes the prevailing myth about motivation, clearly distinguishing between creative inspiration and the artist's reality. He poses a question to all artists regarding motivation and the real artistic approach. He writes, 'The work of top creatives isn't dependent upon motivation or inspiration, but rather it follows a consistent pattern and routine'.

Overcoming Creative Block

In this article Graham Matthews has shared his personal experience with artist’s block. AArtist's block is a problem that artists have when they feel totally uninspired or something is inhibiting their creativity. This type of situation comes every once in a while on everyone’s life. Especially as an artist, it is very vital to overcome such stage so that to be able to come up with the torrent of inspiration.

Reason Why Some Artist Are Successful

Lari McNee, a popular artist and oil painter has described common attributes and characteristics of artist who successfully persuaded the way of success. Although there is no formula of success, there are certain factors in common of successful artists, such points have been pointed by Lari McNee in this post.

Read Artist’s Biography

Artrepublic features hundred’s of artist biography, and you’ll wonder reading other experience who’d already gone through many hurdles to reach out and speak their heart through the medium of art which will encourage you to struggle on the road of art and help you keep motivated. You can also find popular artist’s biography on biography.com.

How To Deal With Creative Criticism

As an artist it is obvious to endure criticism, but in some case it can discourage to thrive toward our artistic destination. In such case one should be able to fight with criticism and kick it out so that one can be able to overcome the bad feeling of such criticism and transform that criticism into something encouraging. Based on this assumption Drew has written an article on skinny artist about how to deal with creative criticism.

Some is Better Than None

In this article again Drew from skinny artist flattered the lazy one with his humorous words. The basic assumption of this article is that some is always better than none. If you want to reach the summit of a mountain, first you need to take the first step on the road to the mountain, “The more you walk, faster you’ll reach” . That’s what applies with creating an art or writing a book or crafting something creative. Find out more on his article some is better than none.

Read Other Creative geniuses Online

In this post Leanne Regalla explores 49 creative geniuses in terms of how they've been using blogging and digital resources to widen their reach, share their experience and discover more admirer. One can browse artist’s personal blog to pour inspiration.

I want to share another post which I'd written on early December, frankly this article was written by me and I want to include this article on this list as this article feature some ideas to fuel the day with creativity. There are thousands of artists out there and they do have something in common to inspire them, not in of all case it might work but majority of artist share these factors as the source of inspiration so I think it also worth reading.

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